Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Teen Blogger Meet Up

Left to right: Chloe, me, Bea

Hey strangers! I have not been here for a while and I'm so sorry but with all of the college work and Christmas making me busy I just haven't had the time! It seems like all of my posts these days start with an apology... My New Years resolution is to make the time to post on my blog frequently!!

So, on the 13th of December I went on a teen blogger meetup in London (yes I know, very belated post). This meetup was organised by the lovely Chloe Bellamy (Reality Leaves Lots to Imagination) and was a day consisting of food, shopping and of course makeup.

Little bit of Snapchat!

First off was walking to the station and getting the actual train to London Charing Cross where I was supposed to meet Chloe, but I spent too much time doing my makeup in the morning and missed my train (the perks of loving makeup too much). So I had to get the later train and meet Asia and Merraf at the station as Chloe had said she'd meet the others at a time I wouldn't be there for which I completely understand (stupid makeup).

The actual day started with us all slowly meeting at Starbucks which ended up being so crowded that we didn't have a chance to sit and have a coffee! Or hot chocolate for the other lovers. Not that we minded, this meant we could walk round shops sooner! We had a bit of time until our reservation at Zizzi's so we started walking around the town. We made our way into Body Shop, Mac, Bobbi Brown and a miniature version of Boots which was quite disappointing as it only had a few brands on shelf. Of course I stayed mainly by the lipstick aisles in Bobbi Brown and Mac with a little flutter over to the Mac pigments (I had to resist but will get my hands on Vanilla soon!).
                                                                         Zizzi's menu                                                      My meal

When it was finally time to make our way to Zizzi's we could barely contain our excitement! Or maybe that was just me... When we were sat we took a while choosing through all of the delicious dishes that Zizzi's has to offer. I finally decided on 'Strozzapreti Pesto Rosso' which is basically just a fancy name for pesto pasta. Me, Chloe and Becca also decided to share some garlic bread to add a bit more flavour to our meals!

Chocolate melt

Once we had finished, us three little piggies that opted for the garlic bread, also decided we fancied some dessert. We all chose to have a chocolate melt which was delicious! When we finished we all passed around our boxes and bags for our swap which I will show in a different post! I will also put the details of the awesome goody bag Chloe made for all of us in that post! Before we left, we did of course, take the chance to hand our cameras to the waiter and ask him to take a cheeky photo of us all!
Left to right: Chloe, me, Bea, Chloe, Merraf, Asia, Becca.

Unfortunately, once the meal had finished most of the girls had to leave. So once we had said our farewells and got each others contact information, again us three (Me, Chloe and Becca) decided to do some more walking around town!

                                                         Urban Outfitters front door                                       Inside signs

                                                                    Becca and Chloe                                                 EOS stand

                                                                                                       Two little purchases

 Our main stop was Urban Outfitters. I did make a sneaky little purchase which I completely blame on Chloe as she forced me into buying two gorgeous nail polishes. I'm going to blame it on her so I don't feel so bad for spending my money...

After we finished in Urban Outfitters, we continued to walk round town to take a few more cool Christmas photos which I will post below. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Years!

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What have you been up to recently? What do you think of the girls' blogs?
Tori. X


  1. It was so nice meeting you! The picture at the top makes me laugh so much haha! xx

    1. Me too, it's my favourite of all of them, I just love how it's so simple and weird compared to the rest of the blogger photos!! Lovely to meet you too, hope to meet again soon! xx

  2. Sounds like such a good day, I am a UK teenage blogger myself and would love to attend a meet up they look like so much fun :)

    1. I'm actually hosting a blogger meet up this month, leave me your email if you think you'd be interested! :) X