Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Teen Blogger Meet up - Goody Bag and Box Swap

Hey people! So last post you guys saw was the one describing my amazing day out with six other lovely bloggers. This post is as promised, describing the things I received in my goody bag/box/pouch (I don't know what to call it!) and what I gave and received in the box swap.

In my box (given to me by Becca) I found an Eastern Escape cherry blossom travel collection, containing shower milk, bath foam and body cream. A Miss Sporty fabulous shade palette in '013 Las Vegas Show', MUA nail polish in 'Midnight', a Natural Collection eye liner in 'Olive Green' and a Collection gothic glam lipstick in '1 Seduction'. I am yet to try these all out and give a review but I am most excited for a chance to wear that beautiful shade on my lips!


The box that I gave my products in is a box reused from my last meet up and swap with South East bloggers. Inside I gave a Lush dashing santa bath bomb (limited edition), the Lush santa lip scrub, Body Shop pot of watermelon lip balm, Thornton's chocolate bar with 'Blogger' written on it, a little Christmas card and I also added in 4/5 different flavour mini chupa chups after I took the picture! My box was given to Chloe and I hope she loved it as much as I loved making it!

In my goody bag, I was given a 24 pack of Dream Dots, 50ml pot of Derma Dew body cream, Skinetica skin toner, Lehcaresor Papier Poudre and Bee Good vanilla & honey lip balm. I'd say my favourite product out of all of these, having tried them all, would have to be the lip balm. This is based on my obsession with lip balm and also just how awesome it is! At first I was a bit skeptical about the small packaging thinking that I'd need a lot for each application but you don't! This is the best lip balm I have for using the least amount to get a good job. It's truly amazing, I highly recommend it!

Have you tried anything new recently? Do you have these products?
Tori. X

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