Monday, 4 August 2014

101 Things in 1001 Days!

Picture taken from someone elses 101 things blog post! Credit to her, this is not my own image. (Find her post HERE)
Hey guyss! Okay so I've seen a few other bloggers do this and it looks like an amazing idea! One blogger (Curls and Comets) said she's achieved a lot from doing this list. This has persuaded me to try and complete 101 things in 1001 days. Tricky... My goals in life might change over these days and I might stop writing in this blog (I hope not!), I might even steer away from all things beauty!! Nah, that'll never happen! So without further ado, let me present my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days!

Start date - August 4th 2014
End date - May 1st 2017

1. Write a blog post AT LEAST twice a month, five months in a row. (1/5)
2. Finish learning Spanish on Duolingo.
3. Complete my collection of all 28 Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail polishes. (21/34)
4. Try out 15 new lush products. (1/15)
Bubblegum Lip Scrub
5. Get the GCSE's I need to get into the courses I want at college.
6. Participate in another musical/play.
7. Watch 101 movies I've never seen before (22/101)
Will post the list when completed!
8. Take classes to improve my singing voice.
9. Go to a Blogger or YouTube meet up.
10. Learn how to properly use an SLR camera.
11. Learn what each makeup brush is used for.
12. Find a HG mascara.

13. Grow my hair longer (Below my chest).
14. Replace my wardrobe until I love everything in it.
15. Go on a big shopping trip in which I don't spend money just because I have it. (I have to love each thing I buy)
16. Learn to read music properly.
17. Complete all of my room decor until I'm in love with the way it looks
18. Pass my driving test.
19. Try 101 new beauty products. (25/101)
Will post the long list when completed!
20. Put £5 in a pot for every goal I cross off (£10 for bigger challenges). (0/101)
(I need to buy a pot!!)
21. Go out with my friends with no make up on and don't feel self conscious about it.
22. Watch 3 west end shows. (0/3)
23. Make 10 posts explaining each 10 things I cross off. (11 on the last post) (0/10)
24. Read 15 books. (0/15)
25. Buy a Polaroid camera.
26. Wake up for 8am for a month, including weekends.
27. Learn to contour properly.
28. Go on holiday with my friends.
29. Go camping.
30. Go a week without using any technology (phone, TV, laptop, hair curlers etc.)
31. Eat vegan for a week
32. Spend no money for a month.
33. Wake up early and walk to a place in which I can watch the sunrise.
34. Write a letter to myself to open when I finish the 1001 days.
35. Go to a festival.
36. Answer the 50 questions to free your mind in a blog post.
37. Watch two movies in the cinema in one day.
38. Go to gay pride.
39. Build a snowman.
40. Try 101 new things (food). (18/101)
Will post the long list when completed!
41. Go to France for the day.
42. Buy myself a pair of converse all star's.
43. Go a month without chocolate.
44. Get a professional manicure.
45. Subscribe to a beauty box.
46. Use the effect photo booth in Brighton.
47. Properly visit 10 new places. (2/10)
Rye, Hampden Park
48. Play a game with someone without being so competitive.
49. Finish/catch up with 10 new TV series. (7/10)
Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, American Horror Story, Gossip Girl, Red Dwarf, Skins, How I Met Your Mother
50. Watch a movie in the cinema after midnight.
51. Spend £100 on makeup in one trip. (Drugstore)
52. Get a makeup lesson.
53. Paint my nails a different colour every day for a month.
54. Find a perfume that I love.
55. Post two times a week for a month.
56. Organise my makeup.
57. Create a skin care routine.
58. Buy a camera for blogging.
59. Watch 10 Disney movies I haven't seen before. (1/10)
Tangled, Pan
60. Learn 5 new songs on my keyboard. (3/5)
Say Something, When I was your Man, Yours
61. Run in the race for life.
62. Watch 15 old Disney movies that I watched when younger. (3/15)
Finding Nemo, Peter Pan, Jungle Book
63. Write down 20 things I love about myself.
64. Watch the sunset.
65. Get good grades in the A levels I'm studying.
66. Eat no meat for a week.
67. Go a week without pressing snooze on my alarm.
68. Buy something from Etsy.
69. Wear a different nail varnish for any length of time 5 times in a row without picking any off.
70. Join the gym.
71. Try a unique shade of lipstick.
72. Find a pink lipstick that suites me.
73. Cook dinner for a friend.
74. Take someone to dinner/lunch and pay for it all.
75. Don't argue for a month.
76. Participate in unlimited laser quest for at least two hours (not non stop!).
77. Donate 101 things I no longer want or need (Clothes, shoes, bags etc). (0/101)
78. Go on a picnic.
79. Take a Pilates class
80. Wake up early and go for a walk/run 3 times a week for a month.
81. Become flexible enough to do the splits.
82. Eat my 5 a day for a month.
83. Complete a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle.
84. Watch a movie in the cinema by myself.
85. Watch a silent movie.
86. Get my eyelashes tinted.
87. Reach 101 followers.
88. Photograph a street scene or landscape in all four seasons. (0/4)
89. Make a build-a-bear.
90. Go to bed no later than 11pm for a month.
91. Drink at least two glasses of water a day for a month.
92. Go a month without eating any takeaways.
93. Don't eat food after 6pm for a month.
94. Keep my room tidy for two months.
95. Use no social websites except Blogger and Bloglovin' for a month.
96. Put one of my original songs online.
97. Go to 5 concerts/gigs. (0/5)
98. Watch a 3D movie in the cinema.
99. Go to the zoo.
100. Get 101 views on a blog post.
101. Write another 101 in 1001 for when this one finishes.

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