Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Stupid iPhone Chargers


Ughh! Where can I begin my rage with these stupid iPhone chargers?! I feel like buying a different phone just to get a decent charger! I mean the actual charge on the phone is terrible, doesn't last long at all, then these chargers just make it even worse! I've bought charger after charger and they all either snap, stop working or the actual USB bends. I've seen this current one wearing down a bit recently but not enough for it to break. Then today I go to get my laptop, plug in my phone and read through some blogs when I see this. In the picture you will see an iPhone charger plugged into my laptop with no lead. It's either snapped off from just picking my laptop (highly unlikely as it wasn't attached to anything) or someone's been in my room and accidentally moved it, snapped it and not said anything... I'm seriously just wanting to give up at this point! I love my phone too much though. I'm probably just going to get a braided wire or something else. Now I'm known as a technology murderer so do tell me if this has ever happened with you guys or if I just have bad luck.

Have you ever had a charger break on you? What type of charger do you use?
Tori. X

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