Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Summers Here!

Hello my fellow sun dwellers! 
Summer's finally here (or what people call summer in England which is actually cold and rain with a smidge of sun) and it's time to start soaking up those few sun rays before it gets cold again. I can hear that high school musical clock ticking!! I have to say, because I've just finished my last year, I've already been off for two months just as most people are starting their six weeks! Now for most people that sounds like a dream, but even though I'm probably the laziest person going, I hate to be stuck inside all day! I would love to go out and do something everyday but just don't have the energy to walk anywhere... 

Now at the beginning of our holidays things were great, I was out almost every day in the sun and with my friends! But now that's died down and we've run out of stuff to do... So now as I'm writing this blog I am sitting at a table in a furniture shop, trying to get my thrills out of serving customers and cleaning cabinets. How fun. 
So I just wanted to blog to tell you all to have an amazing summer and stay booked! Do as much as you can an don't end up like me! Remember you'll be back in school soon and be begging for these weeks off... I honestly am enjoying those moments I do get to spend with my friends even though they are becoming rare. I'm just too excited for college right now, I'm spending my spare time inside looking for college bits and furniture for my room makeover! Have a lovely summer my beautifuls

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