Tuesday, 20 May 2014

More Gelly Nails!

Hey guys! So when I said I bought loads of nail varnishes yesterday, it was my mother who took me to get them and I was reading all of the colour names out to her in excitement! Bearing in mind she's not really into makeup or on the nail varnish route... So I get in the car after my terrifying English exam today only to find that my gorgeous mum has gone out to boots to get me 4 more of these nail varnishes! How amazing is she?! So yeah just going to show you the new colours she bought me!

The first is 'Blackberry' GNP 2. It is a navy blue that is a deeper blue than the 'Blue Grape' GNP 17. 

Speaking of 'Blue Grape' GNP 17! Bless her, she tried to buy some of the colours I hadn't already bought from memory but accidentally bought me this colour! LUCKILY I was aiming to get this colour again because I love it so much so yeah! Lucky guess:3

The next is 'Plum' GNP 1. It is a dark deep purple but bright enough to stand out a lot. It's not a dull black purple in which you can hardly see it which is good!

The last is 'Blueberry' GNP 5. It is a pastel blue purple colour but is not a very light pastel. Great for a summer colour!

So these are the ones that we're bought for me today because my mum is awesome. The colour I'm wearing on my nails in the photos is 'Papaya' GNP 13. It's such a prettier colour on your nails than it is in the bottle! Please excuse my nail shape, I broke most of them on the weekend doing loads of different things and haven't had time to shape them properly. Will do soon!

Tori. X


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