Monday, 19 May 2014

Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint Barry M

Hello my beautifuls!
I'm so sorry I haven't posted in ages! I will try and remember to keep up to date!
Okay so I admit... Myself along with many other teenage girls have developed an obsession with the 'Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint' by Barry M. I admit it, as with all beauty products that look this great I was skeptical! I'm sorry! I love them so much oh my gosh! So I thought to myself, why buy one at a time? Why not buy 16? Yeah, exactly... So that's what I did! Today I went out and bought all of the colours that stood out to me the most (and that I had the money for). I am definitely going to go back and buy the rest of the collection! In my opinion they are not a thick varnish as at least two coats are needed to really bring out the colour. But they come in an amazing range of colour which I love! They are bright, colourful and look amazing! They are also extremely cheap compared to most nail varnishes, even drug store ones at only £3.99 a bottle. They come in bottles of 10ml which is enough to last you ages!

The picture above shows all of the nail varnishes I obsessively bought today. From left to right starting at the top they are: Rose hip, Papaya, Grapefruit, Passion Fruit, Blood Orange, Coconut, Lychee, Huckleburry, Sugar Apple, Greenberry, Guava, Blue Grape, Watermelon, Key Lime, Prickly Pear.

The first is 'Rose Hip' GNP 20. It is a pastel baby pink colour which comes up as almost white, it is a very pretty pink and isn't as bright and out there as most of the other varnishes in this collection. It is one of many amazing colours to wear in the summer and it will most likely be gone for me by the time summer ends. It is one of three of their newly brought out varnishes. I'm guessing they're starting to bring out a pastel range of Gelly's? But for now there are only three which is a shame.

Next is 'Papaya' GNP 13. It is a coral peach pink colour. This is the perfect coral for me as it is not too orange or pink and is the perfect in between. It is probably my favourite colour to wear in the summer and I will be wearing it tomorrow!

Next is 'Grapefruit' GNP 8. It is a fluorescent pink colour. This is not too bright but still stands out.

Next is 'Passion Fruit' GNP 16. It looks like a pinky red colour in the bottle which looked amazing, unfortunately when it is applied to the nails (Even with three coats!) it comes up just as a bright red. That is still a pretty colour but it dissapointed me that it was not the same colour as it looked.

Next is 'Blood Orange' GNP 4. I guess this was supposed to be a red orange colour? That's me guessing from the name. But when it is applied and in the bottle ish, it comes up as a gorgeous dark red. Not so good for summer but perfect for winter!

Next is 'Coconut' GNP 28. This is a white colour with very slight brown undertones making it not pure bright white.

Next is 'Lychee' GNP 10. This is a nude white brown colour. It's much lighter than you'd expect from descriptions.

Next is 'Huckleburry' GNP 19. This is a pastel baby blue and is one of the new Gelly colours.

Next is 'Sugar Apple' GNP 21. This is best described as a pastel version of 'Greenberry' GNP 12. It is more of a blue than this though and is like a pale baby blue.

Next is 'Greenberry' GNP 12. It is a green blue colour but is definitely more green than blue.

Next is 'Guava' GNP 15. Is is another green blue colour but this one is more of a mid blue than green.

Next is 'Blue Grape' GNP 17. It is a dark navy blue the isn't as much of a solid colour like the rest. Still very pretty. This is actually the colour I'm wearing in my previous Revlon review, it's quite hard to see but it gives you an idea.

Next is 'Watermelon' GNP 3. It is a dark green colour that can be best described as... Watermelon!

Next is 'Key Lime' GNP 14. It is a bright light green. It is not too light that it's pastel as it's still got some darkness to it.

Next is 'Prickly Pear' GNP 6. It is a light pale purple but again, not light enough to be a pastel colour.

I'm sorry my descriptions suck but I hope you can see what the colours are like from the pictures and slightly from my descriptions. I highly recommend these for the bright colour range and the gel like look.
Thanks for reading and I hope I helped!

Tori. X

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