Friday, 14 March 2014

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm

Hey Beauts! I'm going to be reviewing Revlon's new release to the UK - Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm.
A while ago, Revlon brought out a lip tint in the shape of a chubby crayon. This was the 'Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain' that took the beauty world by storm. I only have one of these but I can say that it is quite sheer and sticky although it does last a while. Whereas these new balms are matte as it says in the name so they aren't sticky and they are also a balm! This means it has all the benefits of a long wearing lipstick with the added benefits of moisturizing and easy application with the chubby stick shape. 

The product comes in a plastic casing with a silver base to turn for more product. It leaves a buttery feel on your lips and doesn't feel thick or cakey. They all have a light peppermint smell and as I don't usually like scented lipsticks, I was quite skeptic. But seeing as though everyone in the USA had been raving about these I thought I might as well give them a try. Luckily the scent is very subtle and if it hadn't been pointed out to me I honestly wouldn't have noticed! The peppermint in the lipstick formula gives a slight plump to the lips as with all lip products that contain this. Unfortunately, I only have 3 shades, though I will be buying more! They are all quite similar in colour. I own the shades 205 - Elusive, 240 - Striking and 250 - Standout.

 From top to bottom the shades are: 250 - Standout, 240 - Striking and 205 - Elusive.

 From left to right the shades are: 205 - Elusive, 240 - Striking and 250 - Standout.

This is shade 205 - Elusive. It is a light pink colour but not too light so it's wearable for most people. It is a very subtle colour and doesn't feel heavy when applied. It's easy to apply and forget about as you don't feel it but as it is such a light colour it does need reapplying once or twice. It suits all skin tones in my opinion and as you can see I've been wearing it a lot recently.

 This is shade 240 - Striking. It is a bright red lipstick with a slight pink tint. It isn't too much of a solid colour and comes up quite thin unless you go over it a couple of times. This makes it suitable for if you're going for a bold look or even a more subtle look if you just dab it onto your lips.

 This is shade 250 - Standout. (Sorry for the sideways picture) It is a dark red, mauve, berry colour lipstick that can be best summed up as quite a dark burgundy colour? It goes on with one stroke on the lips. It is a very matte colour compared to the rest and applies thick. This is good if you're wanting a bold colour but not if you don't like that caked feel that some lipsticks have. This colour stays on the longest in my opinion as it is darker than the others and this is the case with most dark lipsticks.

 When the silver base of the casing is twisted, it gives you more of the product. This picture shows the lipstick when all of the product is out. It is easy enough to twist back into the casing and is not stiff.

The colour swatches from left to right are: 205 - Elusive, 240 - Striking and 250 - Standout. This isn't a very good picture and for that I apologise. The 240 - Striking looks like a red based orange/coral lipstick but I can assure you it comes up a bright red on the lips. Also the 250 - Standout looks purple, so again I apologise for the bad photo.

I'd say my favourite colour would be the 250 - Standout. But that's only because I love bold, statement colours and I'm in love with reds. It is also the longest wearing colour in my collection which obviously makes it better. Although the colour I wear the most is the 205 - Elusive as this is the most wearable colour and looks best from day to day.

In case any of you were wondering, on my nails I am wearing Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in 'Blue Grape'.

Do you own any colours in this collection? What's your favourite?
Tori. X

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