Thursday, 3 December 2015

101 in 1001: 10 Completed

Hello my beautiful people, those of you who have been with me from the start, may have read one of my earlier posts. I decided to take part in the 101 things in 1001 days. I said as one of my goals that I would write a post for every 10 that I complete. So here's the first 10 things I've crossed off my list!

5. Get the GCSE's I need to get into the courses I want at college.
So yeah, lucky for me I came out of high school with 2 A's, 2 B's, 3 C's, a P and an F. This meant that I could pursue my dream of being an actress which was great!! For the first month of college until I decided I hate drama at A level... I'm extremely happy with the results I got for my GCSE's and although I'm not going into acting it will be a massive help for me in the future.

6. Participate in another musical/play.
Although I didn't enjoy drama at A level, the one thing I did enjoy was another chance to get myself involved in a play. Because I had never done just drama before it was really weird for me to do something that didn't also involve singing and dancing! For the course, we had to be in a play called 'After Juliet'. This was about exactly what it sounds like, the aftermath of Romeo and Juliet. I was the best friend (Valentine) who was secretly in love with Benvolio who was pawning over Rosaline. It was a comedic/action play and I really enjoyed taking part.

11. Learn what each makeup brush is used for.
I'm not going to sit here and describe to you all what each makeup brush is used for (maybe in another post). But when I began my blog, not going to lie, I didn't really know that much about it all. But after writing for almost two years now, I have come to learn more things about brushes. This has helped me out a lot in my makeup routine and for writing this blog.
13. Grow my hair longer (Below my chest).
Since writing this goal, I haven't cut my hair any shorter than layers and a trim. My hair is now just below my chest! I've only had my hair natural recently which means it's very curly and comes up shorter than when straight. I'll need to straighten it soon to see exactly how long it is now.
21. Go out with my friends with no make up on and don't feel self conscious about it.
Me and my family used to go bowling every week, it was like a tradition but unfortunately we haven't done it recently. I took my friend Starla with me and didn't wear makeup and honestly, I felt great. I felt like I didn't have to hide behind a mask and felt good in my own skin. Since then I've had many more days in which I go without makeup just to be free from it. Don't get me wrong, I still love makeup so much but I've just realised I don't need to wear makeup every day to feel good about myself!

29. Go camping.
My friends and I always planned to go camping together but never actually went through with it. When we finally did it was amazing! It was basically like a massive outdoor party with a big fire. Although, the firemen did end up coming down to check on us because someone saw the smoke and called them. So, in a mass panic we stomped out the fire only to find they were okay with it anyway... Then came the rebuilding of the fire - which was nowhere near as big - but it was an amazing night and I'd love to do it again even if it does involve clearing up for ages in the freezing cold the next morning.

42. Buy myself a pair of converse all star's.
So I've always been a massive fan of converse, I've worn nothing else for the past two years and I was determined to get myself a real pair as I have always worn fakes - shame on me - so I bought myself a pair of original, black converse, the low ones rather than the ankle ones. This was a massive shock to all my friends as I always wear the fake ankle high ones, but I love them!! I have to admit, a few months after buying them I have switched to DM's - fakies of course - but I still love the converse and will be wearing them a lot. DM's are a lot harder to drive in...

48. Play a game with someone without being so competitive.
I'm not sure if this one counts as me completing it so you guys can leave me a comment and tell me what you think. I spent a night with my friends Olivia, Miia and Mia. On our nights together we always just play board games, wii games etc. When we played the last board game of the night, I was too tired to properly pay attention so obviously I wasn't competitive. I don't know if it counts but it's definitely the closest I'll ever get because I'm just such a competitive person!

50. Watch a movie in the cinema after midnight.
I went to the midnight release of 'Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part One' with my friends Jade, Ruby and Jenna. It was amazing! I've always had an obsession with Hunger Games but I haven't actually seen the new one yet!! Bad Tori... I just feel like if I watch the new one, Hunger Games will be over and I don't want that to happen.

51. Spend £100 on makeup in one trip. (Drugstore)
Before I got my GCSE results, my parents told me I could have £50 for each A I get. As I said earlier, I got 2 A's so they gave me £100. Of course my first idea was to haul in Boots. I got driven down there straight from school and went crazy. Unfortunately I don't remember everything I bought and I didn't write it down which sucks but I now have a lot more makeup!
What goals have you accomplished? Have you got a 101 in 1001?
Tori. X

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