Monday, 30 November 2015

7 Things That Have Changed

So, due to the fact I haven't posted in over half a year, I thought I'd explain and tell you 7 things that have changed in my life. I've been very very busy with college recently and have had to quit my job, I haven't had much time for posts although I miss it so much. I also won't have many more haul posts and such as I now don't have as much money. So apologies and I'll get started!

1. I have had a massive career change, my goal is now to be a criminal psychologist, very different to an actress!!

2. Because of this, I've changed my college courses to Psychology and Sociology at A level and Criminology at BTEC.

3. I have a boyfriend! His name is James and I've been with him for almost 8 months now.

4. In case you haven't yet noticed, I've changed my header. I've been wanting to do this for a long while now as I drew the picture of the girl specifically for my header but had no idea how to upload it (stupid Tori!). I'm usually no good at drawing and have an interest in tracing and shading rather than free hand drawing. But I thought it looked cute so I decided to go with it. Let me know what you think?

5. I got a job after months of searching. I actually got two, I got one at a gym and one in Greggs bakery. Greggs was absolutely amazing, could not wish for a better job!!

6. As you saw at the start, I lost both of these jobs. I lost the gym job due to unorganisation in managment leaving them to forget they hired me - yeah I know, it was great - the other I had to quit due to personal reasons. I'm now regretting quitting but feel it's better for me at this moment in time.

7. I've dyed my hair. I've actually been trying to grow my hair out to it's natural colour for over a year now as I always used to constantly dye it. It wasn't until I saw the colour properly coming through that I realised I didn't actually like it. So after a three hour trip to the hairdressers I have come out with a chestnutty brown with a red tint.

What's changed with you recently? Are any of your stories like mine?
Tori. X

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