Thursday, 18 September 2014

Soap & Glory Archery Pencil Review

Hello my girls! So lemme start by saying well done Soap & Glory, you've done it again. You've pushed me into buying this little beauty of a brow pencil for £10! Bit expensive I thought at first, until I began using it... I bet you guys can already tell what kind of review this is going to be, so I will TRY to not go completely crazy and force you all to buy this. HG HG HG HG!!! Okay. No more crazy.

So I bought my pencil in the colour 'Brownie Points' which matches the colour of my brows perfectly. I don't know how it works but it somehow seems to match a range of different brown haired colours? But unfortunately, Soap & Glory have only brought out two shades of this product, the other being 'Love Is Blonde' for fairer haired gals. This, of course, is a disadvantage because quite obviously there isn't a shade to suit every person which is such a shame! I'm hoping they will bring out more shades as this pencil becomes more popular so everyone can try it!

This pencil has two ends to it, the first is just like any ordinary brow pencil, with the ability to twist the tube to produce more product. The other end however, I was a bit skeptical about at first as it is shaped like a felt liner but is actually a brush with a tint inside. I was worried at first that the tint end wouldn't last very long as it didn't feel or look like there was much inside. But I was wrong! I've had this product for almost a month now and it is still just like new! It's perfect! The tint goes on with ease and there is never too much that comes out of it.

The pencil end seems to last me all day (based on a 9 - 4:30 college day). The tint end does too, most of the time... We've had quite a few hot days recently, and I remember worrying and complaining to my friend near the end of college because I looked in the mirror and saw my eyebrow had melted off?! Not literally... But the tint had faded quite a bit! I was so disappointed! So I think this product is great at lasting from day to day but maybe take it around with you on hotter days to do little touch ups!

My eyebrows look so much more sparse and non existence in person. My camera has actually done a pretty good job at making my eyebrows look decent in the natural picture! Good for everyday purposes but not good for proving how good the Archery Pencil really is. 

As you can see, the pencil has helped to shape my brows in a natural looking way without causing me to have a dramatic case of slug brows. I have only taken a picture of the difference in this brow as it has more of a visible change. I actually don't have an arch on this (my left) eyebrow, this is because of a scar that I oh so intelligently gained myself across the top of my eyebrow, right where the arch should form! I know right, good aiming? So anyway, I've never been able to find anything that can help me with his problem and give me awesome brows, I'm usually just left with brows that look like I've gone pluck happy! Not a good look... But I've used the tint end of the pencil to actually draw in an arch (using my little freckle for an arch guide line!). Now because I knew I was going to be taking pictures for this post, of course the arch went a bit weird but you get the picture (you see what I did there? *laughs at self*). It just looks so natural! I mean, if you're up close you can see where I've drawn in the arch but you'd have to look pretty damn close!

When applying this, I use the pencil side to fill in the side of my eyebrow closest to my nose. I then lightly wipe some product from the start of the brow to make the eyebrows look more natural, as they gradually get more dramatic instead of being thick and dark right at the start. I then create the arch with the tint end and fill in any sparse areas throughout the brow using small stroke motions instead of colouring in my brow. This helps create the natural effect whilst making my brows look fuller and generally better.

I rate this product 8/10 as the problem with the heat making it wear off over time really disappointed me! Also the fact of only having two shades made me knock off a mark. But still love it so much and could not do without it! Best brow product I've tried by far.


What did you think of the Soap & Glory Archery Pencil? What are your HG brow products?
Tori. X


  1. Its a shame about it wearing off, I usally set mine with Mac Omega Eyeshadow


    1. That's a good idea, I'll have to give it a go! X