Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Mascara, Butters & Blushes

Hello my lovelies, guess what?! August has ended! We've recieved our results and high school is finally over for me, hooray! So you know what this means, it's August favourite time! I know you've all just been so excited to see my terrible quality photos containing awesome little makeup bits! I need a camera so badly... So lemme get started!

So from left to right we have a Revlon lip butter in 'Juicy Papaya', a Collection lengthening mascara (which was included in my beauty box post from Lottie, little post link here), Soap & Glory Archery pencil, Sleek blush in 'Rose Gold' (Also included in the beauty swap box), L'oreal True Match concealer in 'Rose Beige', Nivea Lip Butter in 'Raspberry and Baby lips lip balm in 'Peach Kiss'.

I've wanted a Revlon lip butter for a while but it took me so long to decide on my tester shade. This lip butter has had so much hype so obviously I had to try it for myself! I finally decided on the shade 'Juicy Papaya'. I love this shade as I have a lot of love for coral looking lipsticks, although this was unlike a colour I have tried before. It was an orange/coral but it is more of a pink toned peach when applied, it isn't opaque but then it isn't very subtle. It's a perfect colour for summer and feels great on the lips! It's buttery (hence the name, who knew), easy to apply and comes in a large selection of colours from light pinks to browns. I highly recommend these although they can feel a little cakey as if I'm wearing a dark lipstick, maybe that's just me!

The Collection lengthening mascara, well I have to say, I think it may be my HG... I think... I love it for everyday uses as it's just so natural, yet if you build it then it becomes a false eye effect but with no flaking, it's great! With the thin brush it's so easy to cover every lash, this mascara is just exactly what I've been looking for but I haven't been using it long so I'm not ready to commit to it as being my HG yet!

I'm not going to go into detail about the Soap & Glory archery pencil as there will be a full review up soon, let's just say that it's amazing, my HG eyebrow product and I'm so so in love with it!

The Sleek blushes have always drawn my attention and have had a lot of hype, I fell in love with them a while ago but never got round to buying them! I didn't want to buy one online because then I would be waiting in anticipation for one to arrive in the mail! Every time I was determined to buy one, it was never in a local store so I have always been disappointed! The colour I have always been in love with is 'Rose Gold'. I wasn't sure how it would look on me but I knew I love the colour, it was gorgeous! Red pink with a gold shimmer but with no glitter chunks, perfect! So I was amazed when I received this in my box and it is definitely a favourite! I just love it so much, super pigmented and lasts all day for me!

The L'oreal True Match concealer is a product I have only recently tried, my friend Starla and I have the same skin colour but with different undertones. I have slightly yellow undertoned skin and she has pink undertones. So when she offered me some of her concealer in rose beige I refused, rose beige? Yeah, rose will suit me so much with yellow skin and all... But as she applied it to her face, I was amazed at how well it covered with so little! So I had to try it, and it suited me? It blended into my skin like a dream! So going to buy it I decided to swatch a couple of more yellow toned shades. Nope. Rose beige was the one for me! This concealer is amazing at covering small blemishes and highlighting my cupids bow, unfortunately it didn't do so well with covering my undereye circles... which is fine as I have my Phwoar paint for that! Probably would work on slightly less severe circles but I have killed my eyes over this summer so that's probably why!

I don't really have much to say about this Nivea lip butter. It's Nivea, so of course it's going to be awesome at salvaging your lips! But this comes in a cute little pot which I love as it's so compact, it has an amazing smell and taste to it and it adds the tiniest bit of colour to my lips which just makes them look healthier! I just love this!

Ahh Baby lips... I've only ever bought one of these as I loved how great my lips felt after using it but I bought the red colour balm (can't remember shade name) and it didn't really suit me so in my logic I just went off it. That was until I saw the shade 'Peach Kiss' whilst browsing through boots and it looked like such a pretty colour! Of course, I was right. A subtle peach colour with the scent and taste of peach! Moisturizes lips, looks good, lasts ages what more could you want? Definitely a shade to buy!

After writing this post I have noticed that I not only have an obsession with lipstick, but with all lip products... especially lip balms/moisturizers/butters at this time. I need help.

What have you been loving this month? Have you tried any of these products?
Tori. X


  1. 'Juicy Papaya' sounds like the perfect shade for a more natural makeup look for school/college. I'm yet to try any of the Revlon lip butters (although the Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms are my favourite lip products at the moment) so I might just have to treat myself x

  2. I don't think this shade would be subtle enough for school for my skin tone but it might work for you, worth a try! I'm in love with the matte balms but I only own three shades! You should definitely treat yourself to the lip butter though! :) x