Sunday, 23 November 2014

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer Review

Hey beauties! So yes, I have finally given into the temptation of buying this product after months of it being on my wishlist. I'm the sort of person to have tons of beauty products written down to buy but then I go out and see other products and buy those instead... Does anyone else do this? After all the hype this concealer got, I knew it would be a good one to add to my collection so I went and bought it! Guess what, I was not disappointed! When the beauty world hype, they know what they're talking about. So I've had this product for about a month now (pictures taken less than a week after purchase and use), I thought I would use it for some time so I could give a true opinion and proper review.

First off I want to say how much I have fallen in love with the packaging. Now it's Soap & Glory, so of course this was going to be one of the benefits of their product! As always, it was sealed inside this pretty, bright little box full of information and advertisements about the concealer. This little box not only protects the product and shows proof of any previous use but also makes it look that little bit cuter! The name, oh my gosh the name. I'm not too sure why I love it so much it just even sounds like such an amazing concealer! Kick Ass concealer, yeah that concealer is gonna cover my blemishes and kick their ass, that's what it screams to me. Next is the actual product container. It comes in this round, plastic, leveled pot which is actually quite bulky which is a down side. It makes it harder to carry around with you but is still able to sit in your makeup bag! Also, did I mention it comes with a perfect little mirror by the top of step one and two?! Yeah, that's real.

Okay so now to the actual product! The first layer as you open the container (step one and two) has two different trays of concealer. The labelled step one is a concealer which is meant for use under your eyes. It has pink undertones and a creamy texture to hep it blend softly and easily under the eye. I prefer this for my more I'm-not-wearing-any-makeup days. It blends enough for it not to be cakey and obvious but at the same time it takes away most of the darkness. It does not take away ALL of the darkness which is what I like about it (that might just be on my tired college eyes though). I find that when I use a concealer that brightens up my eyes completely it looks very unnatural. This concealer makes it look as though I have had 10 hours sleep every night for a month and makes me look fresh every morning instead of caked.

Step two is a second small tray of concealer which is meant for any blemishes on your face that need covering. It is a yellow toned concealer which is great for blemishes on my face because I - unfortunately - have yellow toned skin. I don't know how this step of the concealer fairs on those with pinker tones but I know it works for me! I usually use this step on my nose and any other spots that need it. It has a thicker texture than step one but is still not too cakey. This is good for days you don't want a full face made up and just want to cover certain things.

Step three is the powder! Oh, the heaven sent truly amazing powder... Okay. Let me just say that I have had to limit myself to only using this powder in the places I put concealer (what it's meant for) because I'm so scared about it running out before the concealer. That would kill me. It is basically just a translucent powder with a small, round puff included (Soap & Glory stamped, of course). What makes it so awesome is that it lasts ALL DAY! I'm not talking about Boots descriptions of all day in which it only ends up lasting two hours, I'm talking Peppermint Skies stamp of approval going on this lasting ALL DAY. You put it on in the morning and it makes your skin feel like silk! I constantly find myself gently touching under my eyes to feel the softness... Does that make me weird? No it's fine, I'm a blogger...

Have you tried this concealer? What are your favourite Soap & Glory Products?
Tori. X

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