Tuesday, 14 October 2014

GOSH Glitter Nail Polish Review

Peppermint skies has been MIA for over three weeks! What?! These are the times when I have a think about whether I should just live my life writing in my blog instead of getting a proper college education. Hm... It seems every time I get the urge to write a post, I force myself to believe that I want to do homework, which includes lots and lots of essays... But I'm back and I will TRY to keep updated, because it's killing me not being able to post!

So today I'm going to be doing a review of the GOSH Glitter nail polishes that I received two of in the goody bag I was given when at a South East blogger meetup. I own the shades '631 Million Stars' and '628 Stardust'. Can we just take a moment to marvel at how gorgeous those names are? There are five shades in the collection, each a slightly darker shade of '628 Stardust'.

 '631 Million Stars' is a deep grey/black colour, the second to darkest shade, with tiny specs of glitter in it as do the other shades which would be the inspiration for their dazzling names. This colour looks perfect with only one coat, although I always use two with any nail polishes so that's what is shown in this picture.

 '628 Stardust' is an off white colour, the lightest shade, with again, lots of little bits of glitter inside. The good thing about this polish is that the glitter is very small instead of chuns of glitter. For this colour, one coat gives off a beautiful glitter look that's subtle and is perfect for creating that accent nail on your ring finger. You can build with this colour which adds more colour and glitter making it less subtle and more wow for those days when you feel very girly and glitzy. I do have to say that with this colour, you can still see VNL very clearly even when two coats is applied as in this picture. This is not the case for the darker shade.

The polish spreads evenly across the whole nail and there is no build up of glitter at a certain point on the nail. The stardust shade lasted a lot longer for me than million stars as although I applied more coats for stardust, million stars actually started to peel a few hours after it was applied, possibly because I had applied two coats? I have been using stardust a lot as I feel it creates a beautifully subtle look. Million stars is amazing for my bolder days and is one polish I would definitely reach for when I do feel like I want more of a daring look. I do have to say, with these polishes it is very hard to remove them properly with nail polish remover as it is with all glitter polishes, so this is something to be aware of. I love how good these drugstore polishes are at the bargain price of £3.99! I'm amazed!

I love these polishes so much, I just wish the darker shade would last longer! I will definitely be purchasing more shades of these glitter polishes as they are just gorgeous! Although I do wish that GOSH would bring out more colours for this collection instead of just whites, greys and blacks.

GOSH Glitter Nail Polish - £3.99

Do you own any of the GOSH nail polishes? What polishes have you been loving?
Tori. X


  1. I love the million stars one! Im going to have to pick that one up :)
    Nilla Forever

    1. You should! It's a gorgeous colour, would definitely recommend! X

  2. hi sweetie!! great review!! your blog is so beautiful!! would you like to follow each other? let me know about it! kisses!:)